Coming soon dual sim iPhone

Wiki Editor Apr 19 2018 5:15AM Business

Apple giant Apple releases iPhones with good craze around the world. Apple releases its iPhones by adding new technology to user's tastes.

But the price is slightly higher. So many people in India who want to buy mid-range range of mobile are approaching other brands. Another reason for the lack of dual sim is in the models. According to the latest news, the Apple company is going to bring a \"iPhone X\" phone. The price of \'iPhone X\' is only half of the price. It\'s also a dual sim.

The 6.1 inch LCD screen is designed to make two variants on the mobile. The single is SIM and the dual sim is available. However, Apple will have to use the E-SIM model. The dual SIM model is going to be designed with a 6.5 inch screen. The single SIM phone is priced at 550 to 650 dollars, and the Dual SIM is priced at $ 750. This phone is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2014.

Apple has also grown iPhone gains for Apple. Apple accounted for 35% of mobile handsets in fourth quarter of 2017. IPhone X has earned five times the highest margin compared to other Android mobile phones.

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