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Wiki Editor May 2 2018 9:28AM Entertainment

2007: Bollywood actors Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor starrer Savariya. Sonam Andanki and Ranbir Kuthenes are impressed by the audience.

But the film is on the flame. If there is a hero and heroine in the film, the rumors will emerge between them. This happened in the case of Sonam and Ranbir. They came to know that they both love. Then there is nothing like that, and they are just friends.

In 2010, Sonam and Deepika took part in an interview. Deepika was already in love with Ranbir. Talking about Sonam in the interview, Ranbir is a great friend. But I can not say he is a great boyfriend. To be honest he is good. Family values know. But he is a boyfriend. He knew about him, and that's really her greatness. " Said. Deepika responded by saying "thank you".

Anyway Deepika and Ranbir have forgotten all who have guided them. Deepika and Ranvir Singh's wedding is going to be announced soon. On the other hand, Sonam is going to marry Anand Ahuja on May 8.

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