Military plane crashed - United States

Wiki Editor May 3 2018 7:49AM World News

Washington: A US military trained in the US has collapsed. At least 9 people were killed in the accident. Officials said the military cargo plane that was traveling with nine people collapsed in Georgia.

None of the passengers were alive. The C-130 Cargo plane of the Puerto Rican Air National Guard collapsed on the highway near Savannah city airport at 9 o'clock on Wednesday night, according to American time. A large part of the aircraft is stolen.

There were only five crew members in the aircraft. But later, four more people were traveling. Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Major Paul Dahlen said all were dead in the accident. With the flames erupting, the whole of the airplane flowing out of the big photos of social media has been shared on social media. Dahlin said the plane was older than 50 years old. The plane was flying to Davis Mantan Air Force base in Georgia for aircraft maintenance. The mechanical condition of the aircraft is good. The reason for the accident was to be revealed and the investigation was going on.

US President Donald Trump responded to the accident. Tweeted a deep grief over the incident. The families of the deceased were sympathetic. Recently in the United States, a number of aircraft crashes occurred. Last month, the F-16 aircraft crashed and the pilot lost their lives. Four days later, Marine Corps helicopter collapsed.

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