This actor is a strong man in the world

Wiki Editor May 7 2018 11:20AM World News

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Halfbor Gregor won the title of the world's strongest. In the Game of Thrones fourth series, Gregor plays The Mountain. He has recently participated in the competitions held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

He is the top player in these competitions. As part of this program, 29-year-old Halfbore participated in competitions. Although he was second in the bus competitions, he became the most powerful title.

In the 2016, 2016, he won a thousand pounds and his titles as the most powerful force in Europe. Halfbor length is 6 feet 9 inches. Weighs 397 lbs. His 'Person of Thrones' directors chose him in his series of personality. Hepburn is in the role of a strongman in this series. His role as the personality of the person is named 'The Mountain'. Halfbour also appeared in the final season of the series. This episode is going to be aired in 2019. Halfbore is a former basketball player from Iceland.

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