Visa fraud case for Indian descent

Wiki Editor Apr 28 2018 11:57AM Current Reports Online

A man of Indian origin has been sentenced to jail in a US visa fraud case. Fraud has collected $ 4,50,000 illegally for H1-B visa and green cards from India. Ramesh Venkata Potteru, a 44-year-old man committed suicide.

He is a former owner of Virgo Inc. and ISECN Solutions. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials revealed that he was sentenced to one year in jail for counting several Indians.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Home Land Security Investigation, Document and Benfit Fraud Task Force jointly investigated the case. Ramesh has illegally collected almost $ 4,50,000 for over 100 visas and green cards between 2010 and 2013. Officials have identified the money directly from customers for the H1-B visa and green card applications. He was jailed for guilty verdict.

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