Cambridge Analytica about to shutter down

Wiki Editor May 3 2018 8:07AM Current Reports Online

British company Cambridge Analyica, who was in the middle of the Facebook Data leak episode, announced its closure on Wednesday with immediate effect. The company has also announced to apply itself to declare itself bankrupt in Britain and the United States.

The company said in a statement, It has been decided that there is no possibility of staying in business anymore. The company is accused of misusing the personal information of millions of Facebook users. Nigel Oaks, the founder of the SCL Group, a parent company of the London-based Analyst company, confirmed this while stating that the company is shutting down its business. It has been said from the company that after the allegations, the client is getting difficult to meet, which is not easy to work.

Company quote - Wrong allegations against us

The company has issued a statement saying that in the last few months, false allegations have been made against our company. Despite correcting his record, the situation could not be cured. Apart from this, it was also legally tried to humiliate the company.

The company has given the statement that the company is facing many league cases in the world, which is not easy. In such a situation, it is very difficult to build the company again and to build that old belief.

So India will not get the answer?

It is worth mentioning that after the disclosure of the matter, the Indian government too had taken a tough stand on Cambridge analytics. Notice from the company was issued by the government. But now when the company has announced the closure of the work, it is suspected that whether the government of India will now get the answer to its questions.

Computer Systems Back!

Let me tell you that the company has faced major legal fees for investigation in the Facebook Data Leak episode. And the company was constantly losing its client. ANI has given information from a person related to this matter. The company has asked its employees to return computer systems.

In March, the company's CEO Alexander Nix was suspended. Nix had accepted the effect of affecting the elections on other countries' elections. About two months after that, the company has announced its closure.

Cambridge Antilica has illegally blocked the accounts of millions of Facebook users.Whistleblower Christopher Willy had previously revealed this case. Facebook acknowledged the matter in April that Cambridge Analyica had broken into the data of 87 million users.

Cambridge Analyica worked for Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election. Recently the company was also accused of affecting India's general elections in 2014.

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