Indeed Unity Required In India Again

Mohammad Sani 10/23/2016 12:00:00 AM Blog

India is the largest democracy in the world. The beauty of the country is secularism and its diversity. Here we can find multi colors in religions and languages. No doubt India is incredible.

Unfortunately, a few viruses are spreading rapidly like Ebola. It kills country’s unity & tolerance. The main strength of the country is unity & unity was given freedom to this country.

Country’s development & future depend on elected government.

According to current conflicts, country’s intellectual personas are discussing whether the country is in right hand or not.

In spite of the fact that secularism is one of the basic structures of constitutions, religious feelings not only govern our mode of thinking but get reflected in politics.

It is not hidden anymore that parties ask and have asked for vote in the name of religion. Perhaps succeeded.

Glad to think that maximum population is educated, but probably maximum educated people have forgotten their primary duties for the nation and society. All are running behind to have luxury life. A wake up call required to call them out. Sometimes need to give eyes to the nation and society.

First time India is facing worst conspiracies & atrocities after its independence.

Let’s enlighten to an election manifesto of a party.

  • Ram Temple
  • Beef Ban 

Entire world knows demolition of Babri mosque is a question to country’s secularism. In spite of it if a party talks about Ram temple & Beef ban then how that party can be secular.

Anyways heart of India (Delhi) and Bihar proved that no place for religious politicized and doubtful secular parties.

We have seen demolition of Babri mosque, (Gujrat, Assam and Haryana riots),  Dadri lynching, Martyred of Akhlaq. No more tears to have next.

Time has come to break silence. Let’s wake up and try to make a united nation. Indeed unity required with every communities.


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