Black Days And Political Iniquity In India

Mohammad Sani Dec 3 2016 12:00AM Blog

Our precious Indian history and nation have been proved, pen is the only weapon which can reveal truth and shake any atrocity or iniquity.

Entire nation is aware with current problems and anxiety, but strange that maximum educated and intellectual personas support it blindly. I would like to remind "we are democracy & republic". Do we really mean it? How nation can forget all atrocities of current tenure?

Must say, First time India is sight cruel ethics of administration after its independence. Quite transparent, the administration was come into power in the name of religion.   It is become more definite with various atrocities in the name of religion and we have sight its primary election manifesto of this party.

Honestly, I admire the smartness of the administration. Administration knows well to play and divert the nation from its basic or current problems.


Let's enlighten certain actions of the administration to prove its smartness. Few months ago, simi activists encounter was taken place. This news was aired rapidly including exclusive footage. I will not judge that it was a fake encounter or not. A massive crowd was asked for a dedicated and transparent enquiry in this regards. But administration came up with a new action against NDTV and declared its ban to air for 24 hours. Through this action administration proved its concern regarding country, a question should be raised- where administration was slept? Why now this action enforced? Again, started an unsuccessful campaign against triple talaq. Everyone knows who tried to hide own wife.  


An easiest way for the administration to cross over any problem, just make it national issue & if anybody says against administration just declare them  as anti-national.


Now currency demonetization, can we ask to administration, where is Vijya Mallya? How nation can forget Lalit Modi? When administration is taking action against SWISS bank account holders?  Middle class people those are facing problems and joining huge crowd to get cash in bank, targeted middle class and poor people not having black money. Numbers of life are no more for this action. In this time of anxiety, one minister says "there were massive sacrifices and problems to get country's independence" .How dare he to compare with holly independence,   currency action is enforced for political reason. I want to make a humble request to this kind of people "do not politicize the holy remembrance of independence" & it does not suit here because this kind of people were not taken part in protest for independence. In fact, the killer of our father of Nation “NATHURAM GODSE” was belongs to RSS. I think only indication is enough to understand.


Whatever numbers are dead for the current situation, no one was belongs to this administration and we did not find any political people in huge crowd to collect cash nearby bank. Truly, it is absolute despotism and egoistic.


We tax payers looking for a peace life with minimum amenities. Please do not snatch our peace, please stop these toxic politics. Focus on basic problems. Believe me, its cure can develop our country more than enough.


Certain basic problems-


We have massive talent in our country, but unemployment is increasing. A lot of institutions are just doing business in the name of education. Numbers of private companies are violating human rights and behave so rude with employees. Our country is an ocean of IT talent, but why maximum numbers are looking for opportunity outside. Where are we lacking in technological and educational developments. 




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