Sunni conference declares Ahle Hadith is threat to Islam

Wiki Editor 2016-09-08 World News

A Sunni Conference organised in Chechnya saw the presence of more than 100 Muslim clerics from all around the world to unite against Takfiri Terrorists.

A city in Chechnya witnessed the assemblage of world renowned Sunni Muslim Clerics, who unanimously took a stand that the Takfiri Terrorists had nothing to do the with Sunni Sect of Islam.

The Conference was attended by clerics from various countries like Russia, Syria, Turkey, India, Britain, Lebanon, Egypt, South Africa and Jordan who were willing to step up their fight against Takfiri Terrorists.

All the clerics represented a strong stand against these terrorists and asserted that all Islamic scholars should make an effort to awaken the world about these terror groups who are using the name of religion for personal geopolitical agendas.

Ahmed Mohammed Tayyab, Head, Al-Azhar University, Egypt said at the conference that, “Terrorists and Islam have no relation whatsoever, instead these terrorists are inclined towards spreading a radical ideology among Muslims, so that Islam is misunderstood world over.”

Muslim Clerics attend the Sunni Conference in Grozny, Chechnya

Saudi Arabian clerics have vehemently opposed the recent remarks by Egyptian Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, who allegedly excluded Salafists from Sunnis during a religious conference in Chechnya, Russia.

While the ongoing Sunni Conference in Grozny, Chechnya, Sheikh Tayeb said that Salafists were not Sunnists, as he went on to define what is meant by Sunnism.

The online Arabic-language Ray al-Youm website said in a report on Monday that the remarks caused a storm of anger among pro-government clerics in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Clerics alleged that the discourse presented by the Egyptian cleric during the conference was linked with a policy to weaken Wahhabism practiced in Saudi Arabia and establish a new, dominant Sunni leadership under the auspices of al-Azhar in Egypt.

Several Saudi clerics said the conference, attended by thinkers from Egypt and other Sunni-dominated countries, was an attempt by the Russian government to deepen the gap between Saudi Arabia and Egypt — two leading Sunni Muslim nations of the world. The Russian initiative was meant to sow discord in the Islamic world, they claimed, saying the conference targets the Kingdom as was said by the pro-Saudi clerical staff.

As many as 100 Muslim clerics from different regions of the world including Russia, Syria, Turkey, India, Britain, Lebanon, Egypt, South Africa and Jordan, attended the Grozny conference on August 25-17 to disassociate themselves and Sunnism from the Takfiri terrorist groups that have been wreaking havoc in the Middle East and other places.

The scholar attendees, most of them well-known in the Muslim world, said the groups like Daesh, which fight under the banner of Wahhabism, have no links to Sunnism altogether.

The Saudi government, along with its allies, has been among the main sponsors of Takfiri militants.

According to reports, the Riyadh regime has recently stepped up its support for Takfiri militants in the face of the Iraqi army’s upcoming liberation of Mosul and the Syrian army’s advances in Aleppo and elsewhere.


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