Re-unity indeed in India for absolute secularism

Monalisa Pradhan 2016-06-30 Blog

In ancient time, India was rich & powerful country along with its diversity.  It attracted so many rulers and history says maximum dynasties were come to braid not to rule.

After massive decades Mughal dynasty came to rule and taught secularism. In this Mughal’s period India became more beautiful because of Mughal’s architectural patterns, but no one can break India’s diversity and apprehension of people.

Beautiful and rich country attracted British rulers. They dreamed to rule and braid with being a part of this Country permanently. They tried a lot horribly, but did not get success due to unity. Lastly British advisors understand it could be possible with dividing unity only. After reinforcement of this divide policy British people could make a strong base in the country and started torturing Indian citizens. Everywhere intolerance extended.  After a long period people of India realized the exact problem. Numbers of legendary leaders (Mr Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Subash Bose etc) came forward & lead people to return back their unity.  After a lot of struggles and bloodshed  India got its freedom again.

Now India is a fastest growing country, it is moving forward day by day. India is created history in many fields. In this crucial time every individual's contribution is required to make India more developed, but people are getting misguided and divided (in the name religions, castes, beef etc.) by a few dirty politicians.  Currently Indians are more educated.  People should understand that few politicians play with emotions of people and they act like bad bugs (free blood sucker). These acts make Country’s development slower & poorer gets poorer.

The key factor to develop country is unity of people, but very sad to say that our politicians act exactly opposite to this and they play same policy like British rulers. We have different religions & languages, but everyone is Indian. People should aware with the realities of these politicians  and understand the situation. Indeed to use votes in correct way.  India’s diversity makes powerful India.  

Ms Monalisa Pradhan, Pune, India

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